Loft Bed

Double Loft Bed

A loft bed is an extremely popular type of furniture. Since a loft bed is designed to be elevated from the ground, it frees up plenty of space underneath it. You can then use this space for a couch, a computer desk or a study table. Loft beds are usually found in college dorm rooms and kids’ bedrooms where space needs to be maximised.

If you have more than one child and not enough space in your house then you may also consider shopping for a double loft bed. Basically, a double loft bed is constructed by placing a bed under a regular loft bed. The result is two beds occupying the same vertical space, much like a standard bunk bed. However, unlike bunk beds that come as a single unit with two beds on top of each other, the beds in a double loft can have varying positions in relation to each other.

The term “double loft bed” can also refer to two regular loft beds that are connected to each other. This means that there will be two beds suspended above the ground and both beds will also have spaces underneath them.

With so many types of double loft beds available today, it’s important to carefully evaluate your needs to ensure that you are purchasing a double loft bed model that is configured to your requirements. Assuming that you are buying the loft bed for two children, the next thing to take into account would be spatial considerations. How much space will you have for the new loft bed? Both double loft bed configurations would undoubtedly save space but they will do so in different ways.

A double loft bed with one bed on top of another makes a compact sleeping station and will free up space around the rest of the room. Meanwhile, a double loft bed that has two suspended beds will basically free up your entire floor space since neither of the beds will touch the ground.

Safety is another important consideration when it comes to shopping for a double loft bed. You wouldn’t want your children to sleep in a bed that could break and topple over any minute. Make sure that the double loft bed is stable and sturdy. It’s also important that the top bed has safety rails. Without these features, your child can easily fall out of bed accidentally as he rolls around in his sleep. Needless to say, this can result to serious injury.

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